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420UP10 - Acopian 420UP10 Power Module. Plug-In Unregulated AC-DC | Single Output...

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Acopian 420UP10 Power Module. Plug-In Unregulated AC-DC | Single Output | Case Size: G Nominal Output Voltage: 420 | Output Current Amps: 0.100 Simple Type: Power Module

To meet the need for unregulated DC power at low cost, Acopian offers a broad line of both fixed and fully adjustable Plug-in power modules with output voltages to 950 volts. There is no need to use tie-down hardware unless it is mounted in other than an upright position, or where shock and vibration will be encountered.

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  • Capacitive filtering
  • Completely serviceable
  • Fused input
  • May be used in series or parallel
  • No derating or heat sinking required


  • Ambient operating temperature: –10 to +65°C | No derating required
  • InputVoltage: 0-125 VAC, 50-400 Hz, single phase
  • INSTALLATION: Plugs into standard 8-pin octal socket | Four 6-32 mounting holes (on case sizes G and K), four 10-32 mounting studs (on case sizes Q and P) are provided in the base for fastening the module when used in other than the upright position, or if extreme vibration will be encountered
  • Line Regulation: Output voltage change due to line change directly proportional to input change
  • Load Regulation: The nominal output voltages of fixed output models, and the maximum rated output voltages for models with adjustable outputs, are based on 115 VAC input with approximately one-half load | At no load, they will increase by approximately 10% | At full load, they will be reduced by approximately 10%
  • OutputVoltage Adjustment: Adjustable voltage models are provided with a built-in continuously adjustable autotransformer
  • Polarity: Output is floating | either positive or negative terminal may be grounded
  • StorageTemperature: –55 to +85°C



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